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Great Cooks Blogroll is a growing list of food blogs that serves as a resource for anyone looking for meal ideas, creative cooking techniques, or to meet other Great Cooks. If you own a blog about food, recipes, cooking, baking, restaurant reviews, etc., this blogroll is perfect for you!

The goal and purpose of Great Cooks Blogroll is to link food blogs together, drive traffic (readers) to the member’s blog, while increasing their page rank among the search engines.

This is not done by the blogroll widget, alone.  It’s the community behind the list that makes this work so well.  When members place the blogroll widget in a highly visible area on their blogs, boast about their membership in blog posts, bringing awareness to others, We ALL Benefit.

GreatCooksBlogroll.com is home of the Featured Recipes from our member community.  As members write new articles and recipes to their blogs, that fresh information shows up at the top of the Featured Recipes list.  Visitors are able to bookmark their favorite recipes directly to social bookmarking sites to share those recipes with their friends and family.

Below the Featured Recipes is the Member Directory.  We want you to see our big family here.  Listed in alphabetical order, visitors can quickly look up food blogs.

When you become a member of the Great Cooks Blogroll, your blog is immediately listed for all to see!  Not just here, but on the other blogs listed in the Member Directory.  Readers from other blogs can find your recipes and become your new readers.

But wait! Your blog promotion won’t stop here.  Great Cooks Blogroll has a fantastic following on Twitter.  As a Premium Member, your posts go out on Twitter for more widespread promotion of your blog and to help you increase your own Twitter Followers.  Join the fun; Follow Us and Be Followed on Twitter.com/GreatCooks

A recent development is social media, Great Cooks Blogroll now has a Fan Page of Facebook.  We’ve learned through testing, blog readers that are not bloggers socialize more and more on Facebook.  In much the same way that we promote your posts on Twitter, we will do the same on our Facebook Fan Page.  Become a Fan and watch your readership grow.

If you own a food blog and you’re looking for real exposure, then you’re in the right spot.  Join this fantastic group and enjoy the fun of finding new recipes, making new friends and growing your own blog!